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This space is intended to host resources, information and guidance to support looking inward to live a life of ease. 

We work through our subconscious using tools from many disciplines such as: nutrition, neuroplasticity, aromatherapy, meditation, cymatics and quantum physics. These tools help reduce inflammation in the body. 

Why do we want to do that?

Inflammation causes dis-ease in the body. The disease stuff too, especially the autoimmune ones and cancers. 

Did you know: 

  • Autoimmune diagnoses are increasing up to 9% each year, every year?  

  • When you have one autoimmune condition you will likely manifest more?

  • In many cases autoimmune conditions can be prevented? 

  • Early markers can easily be identified by an ANA test but western medicine does not recognize this as preventative and most consumers are unaware this is a possibility until the body has learned the pattern already. 

Isn't that interesting enough to learn how to start a conversation with your body


I would like to support you in finding you, your essence. The I AM you. The one who was here from the beginning and got put on the back burner to navigate this mother we call Earth. 

I will soon be posting some free sound meditations to the site. Click below to be notified of upcoming events. 

Meditation helps support habit changes and reduce stress, it also improves work performance, personal relationships, sleep quality and overall health. 

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