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Burning Incense

Autoimmune Conditions, Ever Heard of Them?

My intention is to shift the underlying reliance on for-profit corporations to tell us about our health. To step back into alignment and sovereignty within our bodies. I have been passionate about this topic since 2015 when I had to take a fast and hard look at changing my habits both inside my physical body and how I ran my day-to-day. One moment I thought I was healthy and the next I was having to rethink my entire landscape due to an autoimmune condition. If you have an autoimmune sitch you probably know this narrative: we don't know why you have this; could be stress so don't stress out; there are really no answers and nothing you can do but here is a cream, pill or infusion to take forever. I reject this groupthink. I am not a doctor but I am here to tell you a huge part of healing is YOU. YOU ARE THE MEDICINE!

We spend life chasing things. Having chased a thing or two myself, I can confidently tell you that the chase will never end. Every day the world gets more chaotic, there are always more shiny new things to worry about or strive for and the truth is WE CONTROL NOTHING; EXCEPT our inner experience. We must distill the chaos of the outside and inside worlds to uncover the inner jewel, our unique purpose. You have to flip the script and make examining your inner landscape a priority. The first step is to own a very important truth:  you are responsible for your reality. 

Everything I offer is meant to support a shift of being in the direction of finding what brings joy to your unique personal experience. We peel back layers to discover our predispositions. You may have heard this referred to as 'shadow work'.  It is a willingness to look at the true nature of something, the raw uncensored honest truth.


"If you only hear one side of the story, you have no understanding at all." - Chinua Achebe


As we start to open our minds and also think about where the things we consume come from and recognize the impact they have on our bodies, we begin to create new practices, to organically shift our entire being to a place where abundance and inner peace are the norm. This is what they refer to as "doing the work".

I am passionate in being an advocate to reverse autoimmune conditions. I can only share my experiences and my observations because I am no scientist. Through the process of inner discovery, I have learned to trust my intuition and from this place I sense that many autoimmune conditions seem to be related to repressed emotions. Emotions that were supposed to be dealt with later and never were, ultimately leading to a person not living in alignment with their truth. A very simplistic statement regarding a very complex topic, but its to bring home the point, we can make deep impactful change by reframing our thinking and creating new patterns. 


YOU have the power to change your story! 

I want to help you rediscover your unique internal magic by sharing what I continue to find in my own process. If you've made it this far and you are still interested please enjoy this mantra that has proven powerful in my life:

"I am as terrifyingly powerful as I secretly suspect myself of being - and EVEN MORE!"


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