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Intention + Frequency = Transformation

Why work with sound? Everything in this world is vibration, and thanks to science, this is a fact. At the tiniest subatomic particle, all that exists is vibration and space. In fact, sound is to the nervous system as food is to the body. Vibration is the spark of creation which makes awareness around our sonic intake important. Our words are important (I have a workplace wellness course on this topic). 

An abundance of research has shown that sound meditations have helped people reduce tension, anger, fatigue, anxiety and depression while increasing a sense of spiritual well being. I personally have experienced and witnessed deep relaxation, sparking creativity, clarity, bliss, pain, crying, laughing, improved sleep, calming the nervous system, cleansing energetic fields, and on and on. The benefits of sound meditations are well-documented both in spiritual and scientific contexts. 

Sound Meditation is an active listening experience for the purpose of connecting to the physical and subtle bodies within. Sound is the anchor that brings us back to the present moment when our mind wanders into thought. Research shows that meditating with sound can help reduce stress, tension, and anxiety taking you into a deep state of relaxation. 

Everyone’s experience with sound is unique, and also unpredictable. How you respond to an instrument or sound in one session can be completely different in another. Try to leave all expectations at the door, and arrive open to allowing the sounds to be received by the body. Every experience with sound is unique and unpredictable because every day we are different on a cellular level. One experience may bring an inability to concentrate while in another you may meet an ancestor. I personally have experienced an ability to witness and release deep pain, observe my physical body reset in my minds eye, traveled to parallel universes, seen past lives and watched rainbows of colors all from the comfort of my closed eyelids. I have also had times where I struggled to become present and had to work the whole time to move away from judgement of sounds in the room. We aren’t perfect and we are all doing the best we can with what we know.  When we allow ourselves to witness the self without judgement, we transform from being anxious to control what we think we want our reality to be and allow what is to show us true possibility. ​

The sound guides the meditation, your job is to engage in deep, judicious listening.  It is from THIS space you create the ability to impact your overall well being and bring the body into relaxation, balance and a sense of connection. Sound is a powerful tool for self inquiry that can promote cognitive and other significant changes in both the conscious and subconscious. Anything that “comes up” is a gift to be noticed and honored, even pain. Some moments can be challenging, and when we allow ourselves to follow the pain to acknowledge it, we are activating a healing response. To be clear, you heal you, the sound is the tool but YOU are the magic. As you release layers from your energetic field, you become lighter and free to vibrate higher. 


In the session, sounds and vibrations are created with a variety of various instruments, as well as the human body and voice. Typical instruments used in sound healing are Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, gongs, bells, shakers, flutes, drums, didgeridoos, guitar, harmonium, drones, piano, sitar and any other overtone emitting instrument. 


You may wish to bring some items for personal comfort: pillows, blankets, eye mask, crystals, malas or any talisman that brings you ease. Dress comfortably and be prepared to sit or lie down for an hour. A sound journey is a multidimensional experience. I invite you to set an intention before your session and avoid alcohol for 24hrs before and after the experience.  


Like any body work, aftercare includes drinking lots of water and rest. Don’t forget we are mostly made of water,  and like any body work, as your physical and energetic bodies release toxins, you must replenish. Refrain from drinking alcohol for 24hrs before and after the practice.

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